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Evgeniy Lukinskiy (Belyakov). Born (1976) and live in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Friends! For many years I have been shooting on black and white film, trying to convey the beauty and the divinity of being, as I see them. Photography has always been a mystical process for me, being a part of the spiritual practice of my communication with space. For the last two years I have been developing the concept of photoplexuses - an art form in which individual images are combined into a single statement due to visual and semantic links. I have completed six projects-photoplexuses, photographs for which have been taken for several years, and they themselves have been getting intertwined for many months. And presented them to your attention on this site.

Now I am asking you for support to create the seventh photoplexus - about the triumph of life and the radiance of the spirit at Kumbh Mela, a greatest Indian religious festival, that will be held from mid-January to early March 2019 in the city of Allahabad (India).

To raise funds for the project, I launched crowdfunding, with awards in which my photoes, photoplexuses on paper and postcards taken and printed in Varanasi. Contribution for any postcard - $ 4, for the whole set of 13 pieces - $ 40, for photos and photoplexuses - depending on the size.

To support my project, go to - Detailed instruction can be read here.

I ask you to help my project by sharing information about the campaign. Thank you so much for your interest, my best wishes and good luck!